Skyforge Unveils Distortions In Latest Trailer


A trailer launched today has revealed a new element to the challenge that’s offered to players in the MMO, Skyforge. Known as Distortions, this new aspect has been added to the game as an additional adventure for those at the higher levels.

The trailer gives a brief look at the set-up and action in store, with the game’s developers having this to say about it:

Distortions are Pantheon exclusive activities that pit 10 players against ancient battle-hardened invaders which have been locked away for sometimes centuries. After a Pantheon acquires a Distortion Analyzer, they are capable of searching for Distortions across Aelion. Upon finding a suitable Distortion and accepting the challenge, Flavius will transport this dangerous beast to the abandoned Storan Temple, a secluded location perfect for the task at hand.

Players can expect to see some truly weird and wonderful enemies being dragged through these Distortions, but the gruelling challenge promises to bring with it immense rewards for players brave enough to take on the challenge.

Tell us, are you ready to face Skyforge‘s deadliest foes? Let us know in the comments section below.