Skyforge’s Dark Omen Update Is Now Live

Skyforge Golden Circle

Skyforge‘s latest update has gone live in the form of ‘Dark Omen’, and it’s bringing new questlines, challenges and Pantheon tools along with it. Dark Omen is said to be an update, setting up and enhancing gameplay for a future expansion that will come soon for the highest level of Skyforge players.

The Dark Omen update brings the following to Skyforge:

  • New Operation System: Operations are a system in which high level players can combine their powers to more effectively fight off the continued invasions on Aelion. This system will receive an overhaul with a clear progression bar and an increase in overall ease of use for players.
  • Elder God Questline: Players can learn what it takes to become an Elder God and continue their divine journey during the next Invasion on Aelion. They can fight against the metallic threat in a series of missions leading up to a showdown with the Mechanoid Boss!
  • Pantheon Fusion Tool: Any Pantheon, large or small, seeking to merge themselves with another Pantheon, will now be able to accomplish such a feat. Pantheons can join forces and battle Aelion’s threats together!

Along with Dark Omen, Skyforge players can also benefit from limited edition Golden Circle packs. The three packs include stacks of new items and credit packs, and are all available until March 30th.

Skyforge continues to benefit from continuous updates, and you can still play the core game for free online.