More Skylanders Superchargers Figures And Deals On The Way


Making sure the Skylanders series stays fresh in the minds of fans, Activision has announced plans to release additional collectible figures that unlock more characters, vehicles, and content in Skylanders Superchargers, the latest entry in the hit franchise.

A limited edition and holiday-themed variant of the character Dive-Clops, known as Missile-Tow Dive-Clops will release in North American Gamestop and EB Games stores on December 2, the latest in a series of variant figures that offer different color schemes for the character both on the figure and in-game. The premium line of Eon’s Elite figures, enhanced versions of existing characters that sell at a more costly $19.99, will expand to include favorites like Slam Bam, Zook, Voodood, Ghost Roaster, Boomer, and Dino-Rang sometime this holiday season as well.


The second Action Pack for Superchargers will also see release quite soon. The Sky Racing pack will include the character Astro Blast, his corresponding vehicle, the Sun Runner, and the Sky trophy, which will unlock various new tracks and modes. Finally, fans who have held off on purchasing the game will want to jump on Black Friday deals at participating retailers for its Starter Pack, which will see its price temporarily slashed to $39.99. Finally, more merchandise for the series, including clothing, RC cars and comic books, will be made available.

Our review for Skylanders Superchargers called it “easily the series’ most polished and content-packed iteration thus far,” and the myriad of post-launch figures should continue to keep fans engaged with the game.