Four New Skylanders Swap Force Character Trailers Released


Skylanders Swap Force, the third entry in the popular toy-based action adventure game series, will boast a whopping 32 new playable characters, along with full backwards compatibility support for every character from previous games in the series. Of the 32, half will be traditional “core” Skylanders, while the other 16 will consist of the titular Swap Force characters. These particular figures will be able to separate their top and bottom halves and swap each half with parts from other Swap Force figures, allowing for 256 possible character combinations.

Activision has recently revealed four of the new Skylanders that players can expect to see via short snippets of gameplay showcasing each character’s unique attacks. First up is Boom Jet, a Swap Force member who can traverse environments on a flying vehicle and shoot various types of rockets and bombs.

Next up is Grilla Drilla, a Swap Force ape who can summon various drills and weapons from his appendages.

After that comes two core Skylanders, the first of which is Slobber Tooth, a fanged, dinosaur-like quadruped who alternates between attacking with his spiked tail and numerous teeth.

Finally, we have Zoo Lou, who can summon hologram-like projections of various creatures to ride and attack with.

Skylanders Swap Force is currently scheduled for a North American launch of October 13 on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, and Wii U, with Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions scheduled for November. We will keep you updated on more news regarding the Skylanders franchise as it develops.