Skylanders Trap Team Receiving Limited Dark Edition


Much like last years’ Skylanders Swap Force, the upcoming Skylanders Trap Team, besides offering a traditional starter pack in stores with the game, Portal of Power USB accessory and three character toys, will also launch with a more limited Dark Edition pack, offering rare variants on the included toys and characters, an exclusive trap accessory and a few other goodies.

As pictured above, the included character toys, which can be used to activate playable in-game versions of each character when placed on the Portal of Power, will be monochrome versions of newcomers Wildfire, Food Fight and Snap Shot. To go along with the game’s new hook of capturing and playing as various villains using crystallized traps, the Dark Edition will also come with the exclusive Ultimate Kaos Trap. This is more notable than the other elemental-themed traps due to the fact that it will enable players to capture and play as Kaos, who served as the primary antagonist in the first three Skylanders games.

While standard Kaos Traps will be available individually in stores after the game’s launch, the Ultimate version will be exclusive to the Dark Edition, although it’s currently unclear if it will sport any unique features in comparison. Besides the aforementioned characters and special trap, standard water and life element-themed traps will be included, as well as Skylanders themed posters, stickers and trading cards for hardcore fans and collectors.

Skylanders Trap Team will launch in North America on October 5 for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, Wii, Wii U, and the 3DS, with the Dark Edition costing $99.