Skype Video And Voice Calling Hits Vita Today


As promised prior to the handheld’s launch, the Skype Video and Voice Calling app for the PlayStation Vita will be made available later today via the PlayStation Store.

The Skype app for Vita allows free Skype-to-Skype voice calling, and video calling using the system’s front and rear cameras, over both Wi-Fi and 3G (assuming you have the 3G version of the Vita). Additionally, users can pay for the ability to make “low-cost” calls to landlines and mobile phones from the Vita. One nice feature of the app is that Skype will run in “background mode”, which means that you can pause a game or application to make or receive calls and then return to back once the call is over.

Having Skype on the handheld is not likely to help Sony break out of its Vita sales funk, but its arrival does have an interesting aspect to it. Last year Microsoft purchased Skype, which means the Skype Video and Voice Calling app represents a little bit of Microsoft released software running on their rival’s latest video game system.

“Dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!”

Source: PlayStation Blog

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