Skyrim Creation Kit Will Be Made Available Soon

Fledgling video game designers will have a chance to create and share their dream mods when Bethesda Game Studios releases its Skyrim Creation Kit sometime soon.

After downloading the Kit onto their computers, gamers will receive access to the tools that the game’s development team used during their development process. With all of those tools at your disposal, there’s the potential for some really great mods that the community may love. After all, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has become a favourite for moddes who have been looking to create alternate versions of the game, complete with their own personal touch.

The great thing is that there will be full integration with the Steam Workshop. As a result, it will be easier than ever to share your creations with others.

Below, you will find the team’s latest developer diary, which is all about content creation. Interestingly enough, it even includes a comment about the Creation Kit and mods possibly heading to consoles in the future.

We’re pleased to announce that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’s Creation Kit, the content creation mod tool, will be available soon as a free download via Steam.

With the Creation Kit’s upcoming release, we have just posted a new developer diary by Production Director, Ashley Cheng as well as a video highlighting some of the new features that will be made available to our modding community through the Skyrim Workshop on Steam. The Skyrim Workshop will allow users to easily upload, download, and install their mods, making sharing custom content easier than ever before.