Another Skyrim Inspired Mod Makes Its Way To Fallout 4

Fallout 4 Thomas 2

One of the most popular – and most unsettling – mods from the Skyrim community has been recreated and made available for Fallout 4. The mod that saw dragons replaced by a hulking, fire-breathing replica of a smiling Thomas The Tank Engine has been revived and you can now add the really useful engine to The Commonwealth if you so choose.

Be warned, however, this version of the engine is far less friendly than his original counterpart. This Fallout 4 mod sees Deathclaws, Vertibirds, missiles, mini-nukes, the MIRV launchers, Liberty Prime and even one of the Flight Helmets transformed into the image of Thomas the Tank Engine. That’s a lot of Thomas in one game!

Nexus Mods user trainwiz designed is the mastermind behind the startling abomination, which even sees the placid, unblinking face of the friendly engine accompanied by the familiar sound of his train whistle, thus replacing the standard cries of the Deathclaw etc.

So if your Fallout 4 game isn’t quite crazy and dangerous enough, why not download the ‘Really Useful Fallout’ mod and ramp up the intensity like never before?

Source: Euro Gamer