Skyrim’s Dawnguard DLC Beta Has Begun

The contest for early and free access to Skyrim‘s upcoming Dawnguard DLC on the Xbox 360 has now closed, and I am here to make all of you that entered the competition constantly check your emails for the next day or so. Bethesda have begun slinging the arrows that are beta invites, and one could be in your inbox right now…

Before you check (provided you haven’t already) be prepared for disappointment, as out of the “overwhelming” number of applicants, less than half a percent have so far been invited, according to Bethesda‘s Twitter account.

If you’re like me and there is no email awaiting you, then don’t delve into the pit of despair just yet. Another tweet from Bethesda revealed that:

“About 75% of our invites have gone out. The rest will go out tomorrow.”

Regardless of whether you get an invite or not, just remember that the peaks of excitement and troughs of disappointment to follow are an adventure in and of themselves, albeit one notably devoid of dragons.

Source: Joystiq