New Skyward Sword Footage, Details, Four Swords DS Dated

Although Nintendo‘s conference in Tokyo last night was focused on the 3DS, that didn’t stop Shigeru Miyamoto from crashing the party with sword and shield in hand to show off some more Zelda.

Miyamoto had a handful of new footage to show for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, such as showing off the return of a fan favorite tool from Twilight Princess, the Double Clawshot. Miyamoto also mentioned that the game has about 50-100 hours of game time.

You can see all of the footage in this video here:

Details have also surfaced on how players will be able to upgrade their equipment in the game. This is done by gathering materials from slain enemies and performing upgrades to Link’s equipment. Sounds like Zelda is finally embracing the standards set by more modern RPGs in terms of loot.

Furthermore, it was confirmed that the completely free version of The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures would be coming to DSi and 3DS eShops on September 28, and will be free all the way until February 20, 2012. The game will also feature a special single player function for the lonely gamers who can’t find four people to play with.

I tell you, everything I see about Skyward Sword just makes me giddy like I’m young again booting up Ocarina of Time on the old N64. Novermber 20th cannot come soon enough.