Action Game Slain! Returns From Hell Reworked And Improved


After years of development, it’s safe to say that many were disappointed with how Slain! turned out. Wolf Brew Games’ 2D adventure was savaged by critics, including our own Alexander Chatziioannou. The developer has heard everyone’s concerns, though, and hopes to remedy them with a brand new update to the title.

The newly-christened Slain: Back From Hell is being described as a “night and day” change from the launch version. Both Wolf Brew Games and publisher Digerati realized that the problems with the game needed more than just quick fixes and so, for the past five months, they’ve been working hard to get the title into proper shape.

Digerati offered up an explanation as to what went wrong with the original release of Slain!, and how they have improved what was wrong with it.

With the prospect of Slain! slipping its release date yet again Digerati made the (now understood to be a tad reckless) call to release Slain! as it was and hot fix/patch over the next few weeks post release. Unfortunately, the problems turned out to be a lot deeper than first thought and then the original team disbanded, which left just the lead artist. The code that needed fixing fell on a new programmer’s shoulders, and he obviously had to take time to understand the new code base and then change/re-write big chunks that extended the timeline massively.

Slain: Back From Hell is the culmination of several months of hard work from the team over at Wolf Brew Games. Early Steam user review for the re-release are a complete 180 from the criticisms the original released faced back in March. Improved gameplay, new music and Steam Achievements are just a few of the improvements found in the update, and the extensive change log for the title can be found here.

Kudos to Wolf Brew Games for only taking the time to improve Slain!, but for also giving every Steam user that purchased the game a spare key to gift to friends. This is the type of above and beyond service that is always nice to see in the industry. Hopefully, good word of mouth over the re-release will lead to additional sales for the title.

Tell us, will you be checking out Slain: Back From Hell? Sound off below and let us know.