Sledgehammer Offers First Glance At Call of Duty 2014


Sledgehammer Games has revealed the first image for the as yet unannounced Call of Duty 2014.

The studio, which has taken the developing reins of the franchise for this upcoming iteration as part of the new three-year development cycle, showcased the still at this year’s GDC event. And while the image is more intended to parade the ultra-detailed character models, it seems safe to assume that Sledgehammer’s Call of Duty debut will take place in a modern, if not near-future, setting.

In fact, considering that the studio worked extensively alongside Infinity Ward to developer Modern Warfare 3, many fans believe that Call of Duty 2014 will indeed turn out to be a new entry into the Modern Warfare linage. Nevertheless, the forthcoming COD will be the first title in the series built with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in mind.

Since its release, Activision has candidly addressed Call of Duty: Ghosts’ critical and commercial misfortunes, which it attributes to the recent console transition. Furthermore, the company’s CEO Eric Hirshberg touched upon the difficulties that the previous installment faced.

“Obviously in the console-transition year, anyone who developed a cross-generational game last year had to deal with the fact that the technology of the next-gen platforms was still coming into focus and changing quite a bit during the development process.

“Now that we have the next-gen hardware out in the marketplace and solid, that is our primary development.”

Call of Duty: Ghosts was formally unveiled at a media event on April 29th, 2013, and it appears Sledgehammer Games is gearing up to introduce Call of Duty 2014 to the gaming community sooner rather than later.

Source: Polygon