Sleeping Dogs Features Hardboiled Gun Action

To say that we’ve seen a lot of footage of Sleeping Dogs and its impressive-looking melee combat system would be an understatement. Though I’m certainly not complaining, it’s nice to see that Square Enix went a different route with its latest promotional trailer, which focuses on the sandbox action title’s Hardboiled gunplay.

Within this explosive, action-packed and incredibly visceral video, Wei is shown using agressive cover mechanics, shooting out the window of a speeding sports car and slowing down time. Of course, the latter option is inspired by John Wu’s films, giving the game more of an Asian action feel.

The trailer is featured below for your viewing pleasure. Though, before you take a look at it, you should note that it happens to be the British version. That means North American gamers should overlook the listed release date.

Sleeping Dogs will be released in North America on August 14, and I’m counting down the days until then.