[Update] Sleeping Dogs Wakes Up On North American PlayStation Plus May 7th

wgtc best of 2012 sleeping dogs

The fact that Sleeping Dogs has been part of European PlayStation Plus subscribers’ free Instant Game Collection has been an almost constant source of irritation for their North American counterparts since the game joined the service last March. While there are many discrepancies in Sony’s premium service between the two regions, the lack of Square Enix’s “under preforming” open-world title is often held up as the main example of the perceived slight against NA Plus members.

Well my North American friends, we will soon have to come up with another example of Sony’s bias, because this week’s PlayStation Blogcast has revealed that Sleeping Dogs will become available as part of our Instant Game Collection starting next week on May 7th.

In addition to the good news about Passed Out Puppies (which is obviously what Sleeping Dogs should have been titled), the podcast also announced that Pinball Arcade (which is inferior to Zen Pinball 2, and comes with Tales of the Arabian Nights, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, Black Hole, and Theater of Magic tables), BlazBlue: Contiuum Shift Extended, and the side-scroller Knytt Underground will join the NA Instant Game Collection sometime this month.

[Update] The PlayStation Blog has also announced that Germinator for the PS Vita will be free for PlayStation Plus members sometime this month.

As always, we should have some more details on everything that is headed to PlayStation Plus this month when the PlayStation Blog updates on Monday. For now, take comfort in the fact that Sleeping Dogs will soon be free for Plus members in North America, and make sure to let us know what already-available-in-Europe game should take its place as our new proof that Sony doesn’t care about us.

Perhaps Mass Effect 3, or was that too much of a disappointment to make the list? Let us know, because we should really all be on the same page when we launch our new complaint against Sony sometime next week.