Sleeping Dogs’ Year Of The Snake DLC To Launch Before April

Confirming a leaked trailer from earlier this week, Square Enix has announced that three additional pieces of downloadable content will launch for Sleeping Dogs between now and the end of March 2013.

The largest of the upcoming Sleeping Dogs DLC packs appears to be “Year of the Snake”, which continues Wei Shen’s story as he joins forces with the Hong Kong Police Department. The new missions take place after the end events in the main game and center around an “end-of-the-world cult” known as the Cult of the Snake. Apparently, they are seeking “righteous salvation” and are not all that keen on wasting time with pointless negotiations. The DLC gives Wei access to new outfits, abilities, and weapons (like the teargas gun and electroshock pistols) that he can use to stop the cult before “Judgment Day”.

Square Enix also detailed two additional DLC packs that will launch during the same time period; Wheels of Fury and the Law Enforcer Pack. Wheels of Fury will give Wei Shen a prototype DZS-90 weaponised supercar — courtesy of his best buddy Dr. Tang. Shen’s new ride can be upgraded with various add-ons after completing missions, and over time will become an armored beast with enough “firepower to take control of business”.

The Law Enforcer Pack seems to be the smallest of the bunch, as it only gives players a “comprehensive” set of police department gear. This consists of two “cop outfits”, one new weapon, and five police vehicles.

Earlier this week Square Enix released both the Monkey King Pack and Movie Masters Pack for Sleeping Dogs, which means that before the first quarter of 2013 is out the publisher will have launched five add-ons for their Hong Kong crime fighting game. That’s a fairly impressive revenue stream for a title that started life being canned by Activision big wigs for not being “anualizable”.

As soon as Square Enix announces the exact release dates for the remaining three Sleeping Dogs‘ DLC packs we will let you know.