Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time Will Exit The Shadows In 2012

Hide your valuables because the Thievious Raccoonus will be returning in 2012. Sony officially announced that Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time will be hitting its PlayStation 3 console next year. You know what that means: more sneaking, great platforming and thievery. All in a colourful and creative world. Colour me interested.

The series’ long-time developers at Sucker Punch will be sitting this one out. In their place, Sanzaru Games (who polished and ported the three Sly Cooper games to the PlayStation 3 this past holiday season,) will be taking the reigns.

The stealthy raccoon got his own beautiful teaser trailer at E3 this evening. In the short clip, we see a lizard jumping across rooftops as he makes his way to some sort of an office or laboratory. Apparently his name is Dmitri, but that’s all we know.