Smackdown Vs. Raw Gone, WWE ’12 Trailer Has Arrived

WWE Smackdown vs. Raw has been the flagship wrestling game for years. Each year the new game always brought new features and superstars to the core gaming consoles. Everyone was expecting for THQ to announce a list of what they were planning on changing for this year’s edition of the game, but THQ shocked us with a name change! That’s right, WWE Smackdown vs. Raw is no more! The new title of the franchise is less cluttered and much easier to remember, WWE ’12.

I like the new name, but a new name can’t refresh a series alone. You need solid gameplay and something that feels like an authentic WWE show. THQ is promising tons of new features for the upcoming WWE ’12. Including a new animation system, blending methods and something called the “Predator Technology”, which is something along the lines of more fluid gameplay.

This all sounds very interesting, but I am still preserving my thoughts until I have the game in my hands. THQ is known for hyping up their WWE games every year and most of the time they end up failing. I enjoyed the last two games, but that was after about 5 not so great games. It’s very hit or miss at this point, but I’m sure as they reveal more information regarding the game we will be able to slowly sculpt an opinion.

WWE ’12 is scheduled for a November 22nd release for the Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii.