SMITE Introduces Isis And New Leveling System


Yesterday’s SMITE patch released Isis, Goddess of Magic, onto the battlefield. Isis is a ranged, magic based God whose basic attacks deal magic damage and scale with her magic power. Her basic attacks also utilize a three-swing chain, with the final attack doing increased damage and area of effect, but cannot lifesteal or critically hit.

Isis’s skills include a passive HP5/MP5 aura that increases on nearby player deaths, a speed boost/nuke, a skillshot stun, an AOE silence/slow/magical protection debuff, and an ultimate which mitigates friendly damage then absorbs it to heal teammates while damaging enemies. On paper Isis sounds like a God with everything: burst damage, crowd control, an escape mechanism, and team supporting abilities. This versatility allows Isis to be played in either a support role or as a high damage magic carry.

In addition to the new God release, SMITE has also redefined the way leveling is going to take place in the game. Players’ current levels are now being referred to as “Beta Levels” and the new system introduces Master Levels. For every game that a player wins with a specific God, that God now earns Worshipers. The number of Worshipers that each God accumulates will decide its God Rank.

When a player earns God Rank 1 with any God their Master Level increases by 1. This means that the maximum Master Level will be dictated by the total number of Gods in the game at any given time. God Rank can only be earned during games after this patch was implemented. Unfortunately, players with a significant amount of previous playtime will have to start back at 0.

For a more detailed look at Isis, Goddess of Magic, check out the SMITE God Reveal video below.