SMITE Introduces Tyr The Lawgiver


The newest God released in SMITE is the Norse god of law and heroic glory, Tyr The Lawgiver, who brandishes a long double-edged sword with which he dispenses justice. Tyr is a melee bruiser who excels at dealing sustained physical damage, while being able to take a beating. What makes Tyr truly powerful is his ability to change his stance, between “assault” and “guard”, in an instant while also resetting his cool-downs.

According to the legend, Fenrir, the monstrous wolf, was foretold to wreak such havoc on the Gods that they sought to bind him. Tyr brought the beast to their prison, where the Gods prepared to chain him. Luring Fenrir with a game of strength, twice the Gods bound him, and twice he broke free. Sensing a trick on the third attempt, Fenrir demanded one of the Gods place their hand into his mouth.

If the third bindings proved to contain magic he would take the God’s hand and Tyr agreed. Bound by the mystical ribbon, Fenrir devoured Tyr’s hand; it was the price he paid for justice. In SMITE, Tyr’s right hand has been replaced by a gauntlet, ironically in the shape of a mighty wolf.

Tyr’s kit synergizes very well while providing varied types of crowd control and survivability. His passive, Unyielding, reduces most forms of “hard” crowd control to 1 second; while this might initially seem extremely powerful, most Gods’ early disables only lasts around 1 second anyways. Tyr’s first two active abilities, Fearless and Power Cleave, consist of a charge, with knockback, and a 180 degree slash. Each of these abilities has different properties depending his current stance.

If landed, combining Fearless and Power Cleave together can put out a good amount of damage, but they each have their respective weaknesses. Fearless can be interrupted mid charge and is relatively slow for a gap that’s closer, while the range of Power Cleave is short. The third ability, Change Stance, puts Tyr in either Assault Stance or Guard Stance and provides a physical attack or defense bonus. Switching between stances also instantly refreshes Fearless and Power Cleave, giving Tyr the potential to chain up to 4 abilities. His ultimate, Lawbringer, is an area-of-effect leap that provides a slow to all enemies hit.

After a few games with Tyr, he’s not quite as powerful in-game as he looks on paper. He does have the ability to provide decent burst damage or solid sustained damage in longer fights but bcause Fearless is slow, and relatively sub-par as a gap closer, Tyr isn’t the greatest God to use as a fight initiator unless his ultimate ability is ready. At this point, he feels most useful knocking enemy Gods out of position, after the fight has already started.

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