Sniper Elite V2 Announced For 2012

505 Games and Rebellion announced today that they have set a 2012 release for the upcoming sequel Sniper Elite V2. This will be the first game released in the Sniper Elite franchise since its debut in 2005, and 505 promises that it won’t disappoint.

The original Sniper Elite put players in the role of an American OSS secret agent disguised as a German sniper in Berlin during the final days of World War II. With its blend of stealth and precise shooting mechanics, it had set a high standard for FPS/TPS sniping in the previous generation of systems.

“It’s fantastic for us to be involved in the world of Sniper Elite again. We look forward to winning even more awards with Sniper Elite V2 and wowing the consumers with what will be a great game.” – Chris Kingsley, CTO of Rebellion

“We’re very excited to be working with Rebellion on this highly anticipated sequel. Sniper Elite has always been the benchmark of the genre and never been bettered….until now. Guaranteed that the sequel will be the most authentic WW2 sniping experience ever – not just in terms of weapon ballistics, but also in delivering the heart-pulsing tension of those do or die moments where one shot really does matter.” – Ian Howe, Managing Director of 505 Games

If Sniper Elite V2 is half as good as the original was we could see another game added to the “must have games of 2012” list. I personally remember spending hours with my roommate at the time playing the original Sniper Elite till the early hours of morning. I’m thrilled to hear about the sequel and I’m really looking forward to seeing more on the title. As always, we’ll keep you posted.