The Solus Project Will Soon Be Released In Full On Xbox One


After months spent in the Xbox One’s Game Preview program, Grip Digital’s The Solus Project is about to be released in full. In fact, it’s scheduled to do so on July 15th, meaning that those who’ve been patiently waiting for the console version of the game won’t have too much longer to wait.

If you’ve yet to hear about it, The Solus Project is based around themes of isolation, confusion and being a stranger in a foreign land. In it, the player controls an explorer who’s crash landed on an alien planet with next to nothing on him. Through careful exploration, being mindful of the elements and some puzzle solving, they’ll need to scour the landscape and discover what secrets it holds.

When we reviewed the PC version of the game, we concluded that, “despite mechanical discord and an unsatisfying story, the creepy atmosphere and gargantuan spectacle of The Solus Project is worth experiencing firsthand.”

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