Sonic Adventure 2 HD Hitting XBLA And PSN This Fall

Remember about a month ago when a leak on Xbox Live suggested that Sonic Adventure 2 was getting the re-release treatment digitally? Well it’s confirmed. And some folks are really, REALLY excited about it.

Using the leak as a bit of a joke, at SEGA‘s Sonic Boom event during Comic Con this week, they rolled the below video, revealing that Sonic’s second Dreamcast outing will be hitting Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network later this fall.

I’m not sure if the bar was opened early or not, but that is ONE excited crowd. Calm down kids. This is my favorite Sonic game and even I’m not losing my voice over it.

Also, did that guy at the beginning ask for a new Sonic Riders? Shame on you, sir.

Sorry, the video is currently unavailable.

Details are understandably scarce right now, but you can bet I’ll be flaunting release dates and screenshots in your faces when we get them.