New Sonic Forces Trailer Reveals Custom Hero Feature


Forget the back to basics approach that long-time Sonic fans have been campaigning for since the Blue Blur made the jump from to 2D to three dimensions, this right here is the feature everyone has been waiting for. Revealed today by way of a fresh trailer, Sega has announced that Sonic Forces will, for the first time ever in any Sonic title, bestow upon fans the ability to create, customize and play as their own anthropomorphized animal.

The feature, which you can see in action above, isn’t as extensive as allowing you to create a character completely from scratch, but rather, provides seven pre-set animal types (Wolf, Rabbit, Cat, Dog, Bear, Bird and, of course, Hedgehog), each of which boasts their own unique special ability, such as homing attacks and jumps with higher reach than other characters. On the cosmetic side, skin color, accessories and clothes can all be tailored to suit your own personal tastes, but if playing virtual dress-up with animals just isn’t your thing, rest assured that both Modern and Classic Sonic will still be playable in their own respective portions of the game come release day.

Sonic Forces – known previously as Project Sonic 2017 – is still on course for a late 2017 release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Switch and PC. However, if you’re looking for a more classic experience featuring Sega’s mascot, Sonic Mania will be right up your alley. The retro-inspired platformer is now pegged for a summer release after suffering a delay earlier this year.

Expect more details for both to emerge at next month’s E3 2017.