Sony Has “About 100 Or More” Titles In Development For PlayStation VR


Sony’s not wasting any time in making sure it has plenty of software ready to go when PlayStation VR launches later this year. In an interview published earlier today by the BBC, PlayStation VR’s CEO Kaz Hirai told the broadcaster that over 100 games are currently in the works for the fledgling technology, and that a whopping 200 developers have signed on to develop for the new device.

With virtual reality now, basically, the official new “Next Big Thing,” Hirai said of the huge developer enthusiasm for the tech that it’s “a testament to the kind of support that we’re getting from the content creation community on PlayStation VR. I think that we have a lot of good support and it’ll be a good product coming out later this year.”

But Sony has no plans to stop there, oh no. Their plans are much bigger than just video games. Hirai says that, if PlayStation VR proves to be successful with gamers, the company plans to expand the ways in which they utilize the device, including films.

With the install base of the PlayStation4 now close to 36 million units, that there in of itself is a huge audience we’re going to cater to, and once we have a lot of people who are really into virtual reality through games I think then we’ll be able to expand beyond gaming, especially because we have a lot of content that we create ourselves at Sony Pictures Entertainment.

There’s currently no concrete date in which we’re expected to get our hands on PlayStation VR – formerly known as Project Morpheus – but Sony seems confident in its 2016 date. In the meantime, however, Oculus Rift have officially unveiled the price for their alternative VR device, and boy, it ain’t cheap. Unless you’ve got $599 to throw away, of course.

Source: VideoGamer

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