Sony And From Software Have “No Plans” To Release Bloodborne For PC


Sorry, PC users, it seems as though From Software’s Bloodborne is set to remain on PlayStation 4 in perpetuity.

Speculation first began to swirl late last week when a PC listing for the recently-released RPG cropped up on Amazon France, leading many to suggest that a port was simmering in development. Couple this with the fact that a petition accumulated a substantial 20,000 signatures to get the Victorian-themed horror title to the platform and it seemed as though an announcement was imminent.

However, Bloodborne Product Manager That Kid Chris clarified the studio’s stance on the possibility of a PC version.

While disappointing, it’s clear now that From Software’s latest effort will remain exclusive to Sony’s platform, despite the fact that both Dark Souls titles made their way to PC in the months after launch. In fact, the most passionate of the passionate fan base believe that they have been “betrayed” by such an arrangement, a feeling that has only been compounded following the game’s excellent reception.

Speaking of which, we’ll have our own in-depth verdict on Bloodborne for you to enjoy later in the week. In the meantime, check out how the studio is planning to curb the RPG’s extensive load times, which is widely considered to be one of the overriding faults of the game.