Sony Announces The Order: 1886, Which Is Seemingly Full Of Werewolves


Sony took its time before getting to the PlayStation 4, and then decided to start its games talk with a new IP, dubbed The Order: 1886.

The accompanying teaser started off in aged fashion, listing a quote from a deceased knight from many moons ago, then showed some digitally rendered footage of a few knights walking down a small alley or hallway. After that, it was time to switch to a more interesting scene, wherein a young woman was being driven through a ghost town in a guarded carriage. After that, the shit quickly hit the fan, as a strange sound led to the discovery of the bloody murder of someone associated with the group.

Following the grisly conclusion of a quick search, the protagonists quickly went to guns and strange elemental weaponry, in order to prepare for what was to happen next. And, sure thing, a horde of werewolves began to stalk them as prey, unaware of the firepower awaiting their grotesque and hairy bodies.

Take a look for yourself, then let us know what you think in the comments section. Does this Sony Santa Monica/ReadyatDawn development look interesting to you? Or, do you need to see more of The Order: 1886 before forming any sort of opinion? I, personally, fall into the latter camo, as what was shown didn’t wow me by any means. There is some promise to be found within the premise, though.