Sony Announces Rain For PSN

True to the recent trademark, Sony announced Rain today at their Gamescom press conference, an upcoming PlayStation Network game being developed by Sony Computer Entertainment’s Japan Studio.

Rain follows the story of a boy who wakes up one day and sees an invisible girl silhouetted by the falling rain. He then finds that he has become completely invisible and can only be seen when in the downpour, or by the wet footsteps he leaves behind.

Judging from the debut trailer, the game appears to involve some simple platforming and the use of a stealth “hide in the shadows” gameplay mechanic, where the boy must step under overhangs that block the rain to make himself invisible.

Sony didn’t reveal any other information about Rain, including a potential release date, but the short trailer was one of the highlights of their Gamescom press conference.

We will let you know as soon as more details about the upcoming game are released.