Sony Bolsters Its Roster By Acquiring Sucker Punch Productions

Bolstering its quality roster of owned development studios, Sony has locked up Sucker Punch Productions. Though the Bellevue, Washington studio has been working with Sony for over ten years, their exclusivity is a done deal, as they’re now officially a part of the Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios network. That’s great news for all of those who frequent the PlayStation Network via their PSP or PS3.

Commenting on the deal, Sucker Punch Managing Partner Brian Fleming had this to say: “The relationship with SCE has provided us the flexibility and trust to take creative risks and invent new properties.”

If you follow the gaming industry, then you’re most-likely aware of how important this acquisition is for Sony. By completing this financial acquisition, they now have control over one of the best development studios in the business, responsible for the Sly Cooper and inFAMOUS franchises. Added incentive for this transaction would of course been the fact that inFAMOUS 2 was one of the best-selling (and highest reviewed) video game releases in June.

In other related news: former Halo designer Jaime Griesemer has joined the team at Sucker Punch. Who knows what ideas he’ll bring to the table for their next project, which has yet to be announced.

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