Sony Celebrates Imminent Arrival Of PS4 Pro With New ‘Games Enhanced’ Trailer


Sony is ramping up its pre-release hype for the PS4 Pro by way of various trailers showcasing the power of the 4K-enabled device.

We’ve already been privy to plenty of announcements from various publishers and developers confirming that their titles will be taking full advantage of the empowered hardware, but the latest video aims to drive the message home that this is the definitive PlayStation experience.

Games past, present and future are on show in the montage of clips, all of which highlight the admittedly impressive visual fidelity made possible on the premium console. Horizon: Zero Dawn, Uncharted 4, The Last of Us, Watch Dogs 2 and Mass Effect: Andromeda all promise to support “dynamic 4K gaming” on release, but don’t expect any of them to look as good as they do in the trailer if you’re not the owner of a 4K-enabled TV.

Indeed, the decision to take the plunge and pick up a PS4 Pro on release will likely come down to whether you have the right setup at home, but even if your living room isn’t kitted out with the latest technology, you can look forward to performance boosts to a select few titles on a case by case basis.

The PS4 Pro launches tomorrow, November 10 in North America and Europe and features a 1TB hard drive as standard. For reasons unknown, Sony has opted not to include a 4K-enabled Blu-ray drive.