Sony Confirm Millions Of Users Personal Information Potentially Stolen

The cyber attack that brought the PSN to its knees nearly two weeks ago apparently wasn’t enough for the hackers. Today Sony has announced that whilst reconstructing the infrastructure of PSN and strengthening the security of their system, they undertook an extensive investigation into the SOE servers (service running DC Universe and other MMO’s) and discovered that users bank details had potentially been compromised as well.

Sony has stated that all servers relating to it have been completely shut down, so that the experts can carefully examine the extent of the damage. It is believed that the attack on SOE was triggered around the same time PSN began experiencing trouble, so whether or not this is officially a ‘second attack’ is unclear.

Media sensitivities aside, what you need to know is that Sony, the FBI, and a whole bunch of specialist external experts are on the case, with legal action very much on the cards. Anyone who may have had their details stolen by these hackers will receive an email from Sony explaining the situation (as far as they understand it at this point). Sony has promised to make it up to PSN users for the inconvenience and anxiety caused.

As this shit storm of cyber warfare continues to mess everybody around, all we can do is wait…and maybe play Mass Effect 2 through again…