Sony Ends Production On PS2 As Rumors Swirl On PlayStation 4 Reveal

PlayStation 4

It’s a sad day in gaming when a console finally powers down for the last time, but that’s what is happening today as Destructoid has uncovered news that Sony has officially brought an end to the decade plus gaming experiences on the second generation PlayStation. Hopefully, you’ve finally collected that backlog of PS2 classics and have them resting peacefully on your shelf. With 10,000 games in known existence for the PS2 it would be surprising if you were unable to find a title that made your thumbs bleed.

No doubt, Sony is ready to put the PS3 on the back-burner, and it seems they are gearing up to do just that.

Sony has been busy offering press to attend what they have been calling, “Destination PlayStation”, which is set to begin on the 25th of February. Destination PlayStation will be offering up showings of Sony’s upcoming titles for their current-generation consoles in 2013. So, gamers can expect some new information on the hottest upcoming games. If we’re lucky, we will be getting some brand new footage from Naughty Dog’s latest, The Last of Us.

What is inevitably set to get the gaming community talking is the rumors circulating that Sony could be aiming to tease the highly anticipated PlayStation 4 console on February 25th. This announcement would be coming well in advance of the expected 2014 launch date, and beat out Microsoft’s expected announcement of the rumored Xbox 720 at this year’s E3.

While Destination PlayStation is still two months away it will be interesting to see whether or not Sony pulls the trigger first on the next generation of gaming. Of course, if you are a dedicated PC gamer, you could argue strongly that the next generation has already arrived.

Stay tuned for more updates as the year rolls on, and we embark on a brand new year of gaming. Here’s to Sony ending an era, and the technology race to launch a new line of consoles.