Sony Files Resistance Trademark In Europe, Cult Franchise Set For Return?



Despite delivering arguably the best entry in the series with Resistance 3, Insomniac Games chose to forgo any further chapters in the revisionist sci-fi franchise and considering the middling success of Burning Skies on the PlayStation Vita, Sony’s IP has been lingering in limbo for the past few years with nary a sign of progression.

However, fans of Resistance have had their collective interest piqued after the Japanese publisher filed a trademark for the title in Europe. First spotted by NeoGaf user Rösti, the application was submitted under the category of electronic games, games and toys and computer games and though this doesn’t necessarily spell a new fully-fledged entry in the shooter series, it is the first activity from Sony pertaining to the alien Chimeran plague in some time.

As a matter of fact, it would seem more likely that the company is merely protecting the Resistance brand, given that there has been little output in the past couple of years. Or, on the other hand, Sony could be prepping to rerelease the trilogy as one product, replete with revamped graphics and the like. One last possible scenario is that the series could be making its way to the company’s PlayStation Now streaming service.

Still, we’ll hold out hope that this trademark is indicative of Sony weighing up the future of Resistance. With Insomniac Games now developing multi-platform titles, it’s almost certain that the IP would be passed on to another studio to take up the mantle. Whatever the outcome, the shooter series is a PlayStation exclusive, and Sony has access to a myriad of potential studios both first-party and third that could breath new life into a franchise that, quite frankly, didn’t receive the love it deserved first time around.

Tell us, what do you think Sony is planning with Resistance? Do you think the series deserves another shot? Give us your thoughts below.

Source: NeoGaf

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