Sony Trying To Find ‘Solution’ To PSN Problem

Following closely after the cyber threat from notorious hacker group ‘Anonymous’, yesterday a number of Sony’s official Playstation websites suddenly crashed and went down – and for those of you who tried to play games online via the Playstation network, you may have noticed the sporadic and unstable connection to servers. Obviously there is a small chance this is sheer coincidence but the fact of the matter is that Sony traditionally gives warning at least a day before a PSN maintenance job – not to mention the synchronised fashion in which PSN started getting problems alongside Sony owned websites.

The hacking group were protesting that George Hotz and Graf Chokolo were treated ‘unjustly’ and pursued unfairly by legal action from Sony. If you missed their angry warning to Sony then check it out – I think it’s pretty clear what has happened. Sony has since issued the following statement:

“We’re aware that some of you have been experiencing intermittent service on PSN today. We’re working on finding a solution, and will report back here as soon as it’s resolved. Thank you for your patience.”

I along with millions of others are hoping this getting dealt with once and for all fairly soon. I was having a rather good time terrorizing noobs on Killzone 3 with my jetpack, and my *cough* little sister *cough* is hooked on LittleBigPlanet 2. The battle rages on in a legal warzone something akin to our virtual adventures. Regardless, I think it’s safe to conclude this wasn’t on Sony’s monthly schedule.

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