Sony Gifts Ten Free Games To Mobile Users


Sony, bastions of festive cheer, have announced their intent to give ten free games to PS Mobile users at a rate of two per week over five weeks. You can pick the titles up for any Playstation Certified tablet, smartphone or Vita from now until December 18th and again between January 8th-22nd of next year.

To find out which of the titles will be free and when, you’ll need to keep an eye on the Playstation blog over the coming weeks. We can tell you right now though that the first two are Passing Time and Rymdkapsel.

The former, developed by Frobisher Says! creators Honeyslug, is a touch football (or soccer) title that aims to make use of the systems in questions’ hardware capabilities. Rymdkapsel comes courtesy of Martin Jonasson, and is a strategy game that requires you to build a space station to the best of your abilities with a minimal interface.

Both games have enjoyed good notices so far so it seems fair to expect great things from the remaining eight titles. Keep an eye out here as well for updates on which titles will be available in the next round as we’ll be sure to keep you posted.