Sony Goes Old School With First Ad For Upcoming PS4 Pro Launch


Championing the imminent new hardware as “the world’s most powerful console,” Sony has today lifted the lid on the very first PS4 Pro commercial, featuring a tie-in to the Zombies in Spaceland survival mode from Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

Hailing from the PlayStation UK Twitter feed, Sony indulges in a little ’80s nostalgia in this first advertisement, touting the Pro as the “super-charged PlayStation 4 Pro console system” along with its “revolutionary cord-free player paddle joysticks.” There’s no mention of 4K support or HDR (High Dynamic Range), though as this is aimed at the mass market, it shouldn’t be too surprising that the Japanese platform-holder holds fire on the technical jargon on this occasion.


Those who are interested in what’s lurking beneath the hood should know that the PS4 Pro will come packing a 1TB of internal storage – you can also replace the HDD if you so choose – increased processing power and more than double the GPU capacity of the standard model. Arriving only two months after the cut-price Slim model, the jury’s still out on whether users will take to a mid-gen hardware upgrade that offers little more than a visual boost. That said, there’s also the promise of a smoother experience when using PlayStation VR but even still, the Pro is very much a luxury product.

Come November 10, PS4 Pro will enter the market priced at $399 USD/€399/£349. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, meanwhile, will be one of the first games to tout Pro support, and will be available for all systems from November 4.

Source: Twitter

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