Sony Lists Then Removes Resistance: Burning Skies Multiplayer Info

It’s almost a given that all new first-person shooter games will include some sort of multiplayer option, considering that its inclusion is a helpful selling point. Not surprisingly, that trend is expected to continue with Resistance: Burning Skies, the popular series’ debut on the PlayStation Vita, which is in-development at Nihilistic Software. At least, the odds are there. Sony has yet to officially confirm anything, although the publisher did update the game’s page with information pertaining to its competitive offerings. However, that line was removed quickly.

This is what the page had to say before it was updated:

“8-player online multiplayer across six unique maps and three modes.”

You can expect that it will be a while before official confirmation regarding that news’ validity will surface. After all, we have almost two months to wait until the latest Chimeran invasion hits retail store shelves on May 29. Here’s hoping it all ends up being true, and that the handheld gaming community will receive some must-play Wi-Fi action.

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