Sony Offers New Story & Gameplay Details On Knack


Amidst the delays of such former PlayStation 4 launch titles like Driveclub and Watch Dogs, there are numerous games that will still apparently make the system’s launch. Among them is Sony Japan Studio’s Knack, a family-friendly action game headed by veteran developer Mark Cerny. The PlayStation Blog recently updated with some interesting new details regarding both Knack‘s story and gameplay, and what’s listed sounds intriguing.

The goal stated regarding Knack‘s development is to harken “back to the golden days of Crash Bandicoot and Jak and Daxter,” two series that Cerny was involved with previously. The story will revolve around the titular character, who has been developed as a secret weapon to help mankind against a goblin invasion. Knack will set out with various companions to find the goblin hideout, as well as figure out how the goblins recently discovered advanced weapons technology. A human antagonist named Viktor will also eventually factor into the overarching plot, meaning that Knack will have to take on human troops at certain points as well.

Sony promises a film-length collection of motion-captured cutscenes with unspecified “familiar voice acting talent,” and numerous beautiful environments to explore. Even more intriguing are the new details regarding Knack’s adjustable size and transformation powers. Knack can absorb relics to grow anywhere from 3 to 30 feet tall, and can also learn to absorb ice, metal, and wood, which will each pack their own benefits and disadvantages. There will also be some sort of local 2-player co-op mode, which Sony promises details on later.

Knack is scheduled to launch alongside the PS4 in North America on November 15. Feel free to post your comments on these new details in the comments section below.