Sony Overhauls PlayStation Now Interface, Extra Game For July Is Resistance 3


As the service approaches its open-year anniversary in North America, where it debuted as a beta in July 0f 2014, Sony has unveiled an overhaul to the user interface of PlayStation Now all in effort to improve navigation for subscription holders and newcomers alike.

The design tweaks mean that the software can now be filtered by theme, whereas each individual listing now boast its own screenshots and videos of each product – such as the images seen for Rocksteady’s Arkham City above. On the PlayStation 3 version of the service, there are now 125 titles available to stream for members, or to rent individually for a select period of time.


It’s a roster that is continually updated each month, with Sony typically adding five new games to PlayStation Now at the beginning of each month. To celebrate the revised interface, though, the publisher is throwing in a bonus title in the form of Insomniac’s under-appreciated shooter Resistance 3, bringing the total list of 6 alongside the likes of unique platformer Sound Shapes and Infamous: Festival of Blood.

Infamous: Festival of Blood
Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One
Resistance 3
Sound Shapes
Wheel of Fortune
Super Mega Baseball

PlayStation owners will find the application update for PlayStation Now branded as update 2.55, and it’s available to download today, adding the UI makeover and 6 new titles to the digital roster in one fell swoop.