Sony Permanently Slashes The Price Of The Last Guardian

If you’ve spotted Team Ico’s The Last Guardian for less than the full retail price at your various local retailers, it’s not an accident – Sony has slashed the price of the whimsical adventure title. Confirming the price cut as a permanent one to Polygon, Sony has wiped $20 off of the asking price for the long-awaited PlayStation 4 exclusive, meaning you can now pick it up at Amazon, GameStop and pretty much everywhere else for the bargain price of $40. While somewhat expected, considering the game’s failure to even make the top five in the UK sales charts during its debut week, it’s no less disappointing to see Sony try and push sales with a price cut so soon after release.

Make no mistake either, The Last Guardian is worthy of each and every one of your hard-earned cash. In his review for We Got This Covered, Alex Gibson gave the tale of a boy and his griffin/dog/cat companion four stars out of five, stating that “The Last Guardian’s seven-year development cycle is evident in antiquated design, but ultimately, it isn’t enough to spoil this charming fantasy tale.”

Sadly, it looks as if the extremely protracted development cycle of The Last Guardian may have hurt its sales potential after all, or perhaps it’s a sign of wider consumer tastes moving away from purely single-player games? Either way, if you’ve yet to pick up the spiritual successor to Shadow of the Colossus, you can’t go wrong with dropping 40 bucks on the ambitious adventure game.

If you’re looking for more details on what The Last Guardian is all about before making a purchase, see here.