[Update: PS2, PS3, PSP/Vita] Sony Looks Back On Past PlayStation Consoles Before Feb 20th Event

For unknown and completely mysterious reasons, the PlayStation Blog has decided to start up a video retrospective series, titled “Evolution of PlayStation”, that looks back on all of Sony’s past consoles. The first video kicks off with the launch of the original PlayStation in Japan in 1994.

Even though the video skips over the fallout that Sony had with Nintendo over the CD add-on for the Super NES (which led to the PlayStation), makes it sound like the DualShock was the first to introduce analog sticks and rumble (it wasn’t, the N64 beat it to the punch), and fails to mention all the overheating issue that plagued the original PlayStation, it’s a nice walk down memory lane for those of us old to remember when the CD was on the bleeding edge of technology.

For me, the best part of this first retrospective video was being able to see little bits of footage from some of those classic PlayStation commercials. I’m especially fond of the one where the racer is yelling though the screen at the Grandma holding the controller, and the Crash Bandicoot commercial where he is yelling at Nintendo’s headquarters with a megaphone.

Sadly, nobody makes great video game commercials like that anymore.

At any rate, Sony makes it almost crystal clear that all of these videos are going to lead up the announcement of the PlayStation 4 on February 20th with the following quote from the PlayStation Blog:

“Be sure to visit our YouTube page in the coming days as we present the evolution of PlayStation and recap our greatest moments. Then, be the first to know on February 20th, 2013 at 6:00pm Eastern Time.”

We will keep an eye out for the remaining PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 “Evolution of PlayStation” videos and add them to this post as they are released. Additionally, we will update you with all the upcoming PlayStation announcements as the week unfolds.

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