Sony Will Reportedly Reveal Entire Slate Of PS5 Games Next Month

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Ever since the coronavirus pandemic brought about the cancellation of E3 2020, the video game industry seems to have been grounded to a complete standstill, and the PS5, still set to enter global markets by the end of the year, reduced to an object of myth and legend. But the silence may soon come to an end, as Sony is rumored to reveal its ‘entire slate’ of next-gen titles next month.

This solitary speck of light in a vast sea of darkness comes courtesy of Venture Beat reporter Jeff Grubb who, when posting the schedule for his program “Jeff Grubb’s Summer Game Mess,” included a “Slate of PlayStation” event for June 4th, presumably in reference to the console’s launch titles.

Though his program is rather cryptic on its own, Grubb has since elaborated on it. When one skeptical Twitter user voiced his concern that this event would only reveal a small amount of games, the reporter responded promising “an entire slate of games.”

The announcement would come as the latest in a small but by no means insignificant wave of reveals. Just recently, Epic Games uploaded a demo showcasing the fearsome processing power of Unreal Engine 5, the software with which most next gen games will be developed.

The 9 minute video highlighted a wealth of features that are sure to leave gamers everywhere in shock and awe. Borrowing from technology hitherto reserved for only the most expensive of motion pictures, Unreal’s new engine is able to render surface textures in photo-realistic clarity which, thanks to its dynamic and precise use of shadow simulation, have never looked better.

If Grubb’s “Summer Game Mess” truly entails what we think it will, Sony shall have taken a vastly different (and much riskier) route when it comes to marketing their latest product than did their  competition. Indeed, whereas Microsoft’s Xbox decided to release its information in three phases – the first in May, the second in June, and a final one in July – Sony seems to be preparing to spit out its entire PS5 arsenal at once.

And when it does, the event will certainly make up for the cancellation of E3.