Sony Reveals Amazing Subscription Numbers For PlayStation Plus

playstation plus instant game collection first year

PlayStation Plus has proved hugely popular with PlayStation 4 users, with more than half of the console’s owners subscribed to the service. With over 4.2 million PS4s sold worldwide, that’s a pretty impressive stat. The service, which is required for online multiplayer on the PlayStation 4, also provides customers with a variety of games to download for free every month, mainly for the PlayStation 3 and the PS Vita.

PlayStation 4 owners currently only receive one title a month (this month for example, it’s Outlast), but that’s understandable due to the small number of games available for the system at the present time. PS Plus also provides discounts and exclusive sales as well as other benefits, like cloud storage. Like I mentioned above, online multiplayer on PlayStation 4 requires the service too, which is no doubt why such a high percent of users have subscribed to Plus.

The popularity of the service has seen Sony’s fiercest rivals Microsoft adopt a similar free game enticement to their paid subscription, entitled Games With Gold, which makes two games a month free to download for Xbox Live users. The service will also be extending onto Xbox One in the future, though specific dates haven’t been revealed.

With titles like BioShock Infinite and Metro: Last Light currently available to download for free with PlayStation Plus, it’s easy to see why the service has been embraced so quickly by PlayStation 4 users.

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