Sony Santa Monica Teases New God Of War Ahead Of E3



With E3 2014 now only a week away, studios across the gaming industry have begun prepping their announcements before taking center stage at the Los Angeles Convention Center. With premature leaks occurring for unannounced titles such as Battlefield: Hardline and Project Beast, Sony Santa Monica have instead took to Twitter to garner some fan excitement for its beloved hack ‘n’ slash series, God of War.

As expected, this tease doesn’t offer us much insight into the company’s pixelated plans; in fact, the Tweet refers to the 3.7 magnitude earthquake that hit the Westwood area in California over the weekend. Nevertheless, it seems safe to assume that the first-party studio is indeed working on God of War 4, which will carry the mantle from last year’s Ascension.

Of course, considering that the California-based company was recently hit by layoffs, thereby forcing it to cancel an all-new IP, a new entry in the God of War franchise could be considered an inevitability. According to reports, this new property in question, which was designed as an open-world sci-fi title, spent four years in development and was pegged for debut during this year’s E3.

Still, it appears Sony Santa Monica will fall back on its PlayStation exclusive God of War series, and next week may well herald the announcement of Kratos & Co’s maiden voyage to the PlayStation 4.

E3 2014 is now but a week away from kicking off, and we’ll have all the latest coverage and game announcements for you right here as it happens.

Source: Twitter

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