Sony Steals The Show With Final Fantasy VII Remake Reveal, Watch The Stunning Trailer


For years – YEARS – PlayStation fans had been praying to the Old Gods and the New for a bona fide Final Fantasy VII remake, and Sony finally pulled back the curtain on a revamped version of Square Enix’s beloved classic during its E3 showcase this evening.

As if fans weren’t still reeling from The Last Guardian‘s long-awaited re-reveal, the publisher pulled an effective one-two punch that left everyone in the Los Angeles Convention Center completely flabbergasted, and it looks as though we’re finally on the cusp of seeing Cloud and Co. return in a fully overhauled remake.


Forget the port of the PC version that we seen at December’s PlayStation Experience event, this is the real deal, and you really need to see the trailer above to believe it. No word yet on a release date for Final Fantasy VII HD, but surely Sony will let the Internet and gaming community recover after what is surely one of the best pressers in the company’s history, right?

It’s been eighteen long years but Final Fantasy VII is back with a bang, and it’ll release on PlayStation 4 first with an Xbox One and PC launch to follow.