Sony Being Sued, May Pay $24 Billion To Investigate Outage

And the Sony situation just keeps getting worse and worse. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you know what’s going on. Sony is in trouble, the Playstation Network has been down for a week now and private data may or may not have been stolen, depending on which reports you are following. Now things are going from bad to worse. CVG tells us that Sony is being sued over the leak of personal information. Kristopher Johns has filed the lawsuit and is saying that Sony has not taken “reasonable care to protect, encrypt, and secure the private and sensitive data of its users.” He’s seeking monetary compensation and this is probably just the first of many lawsuits that will spring up.

“Sony’s breach of its customers’ trust is staggering,” said co-counsel J.R. Parker. “Sony promised its customers that their information would be kept private. One would think that a large multinational corporation like Sony has strong protective measures in place to prevent the unauthorized disclosure of personal information, including credit card information. Apparently, Sony doesn’t.”

In other news, Sony may be losing $24 billion on research costs. VG247 is saying that the cost to properly investigate what has gone wrong the company may have to pay close to $24 billion. Yup, my jaw dropped also. That’s a ton of money for research/investigation. Seems like the hole Sony is in is only getting deeper.

“Simply put, [this is] one of the worst breaches we’ve seen in several years,” added Josh Shaul, chief technology officer for Application Security Inc. “They indicated that they’re worried about it, which is probably a very strong indication that everything was stolen,” Shaul added.

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