Two New Sony Teasers: The Arrival, The Aftermath

Over the last couple of days Sony has uploaded “The Arrival” and “The Aftermath” teaser trailers to their Youtube channel, providing further hints on what last week’s “The Reload” video was all about. Sadly, it’s starting to look like it is not the announcement of a new game.

While “The Reload” hinted that the tease was for something in the inFamous franchise, “The Arrival” looks like an Uncharted reference and “The Aftermath” has some blatantly obvious nods to Fat Princess, Killzone, and God of War. So, what is the one big thing that all these games have in common? That is right, they are all characters in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

We won’t know for sure if that guess is correct until Sony announces whatever they are planning for October 23rd, but all signs seem to be pointing towards a new All-Stars ad campaign.

Check out Sony’s two new teaser videos below.