Sony Has Unveiled Four New DualShock 4 Colours



Sony continued its trend of announcing new DualShock 4 controllers like they’re going out of style, when it revealed four brand new variants during its Tokyo Game Show presser. Yes, four.

The list begins with gold and ends with what will likely be the most talked-about of the bunch, that being a crystal clear one. In-between those, however, are a nice-looking silver version and the best-looking one of all, steel black. They all do look nice, though, even if the clear one is a bit gimmicky and feels like it belongs back in 2002.

Because I’ve developed a controller fetish, which my wallet hates with a passion, I now want to add all four of these lovelies to my collection even though I have no need for them. At the very least, I’ll likely try to get my hands on the steel black one if it ever makes its way to North America.

Tell us: Are you excited about these new controller colours, or could you care less? Also, do you think Sony’s trend of announcing a new DualShock 4 controller colour every month is a bit much? Sound off below!

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