Sony Unveils The Lack Of DRM Restrictions To Be Found On PlayStation 4

sony playstation-4 no drm

Sony may have faltered a lot during this press conference, but they just fired a very loud shot in Microsoft’s direction. The company has officially announced that the PlayStation 4 will not have any restrictions on used games nor will it require any sort of check in to keep your games validated. You’ll still be able to loan games to a friend or keep them on your desk forever.

However, there’s one thing that may get overlooked by some gamers: Sony also announced that PS+ will be mandatory if you want to play online. A lot of gamers were looking for a way to escape Microsoft’s subscription fees to play online, and Sony has officially removed that option.

Sony ended their press conference with a direct shot at Microsoft’s Xbox One used game DRM plans, saying:

“The gaming landscape is changing with new business models and new ways to play. But at PlayStation concepts like true consumer ownership, and consumer trust, are central to everything we do. With each new platform we do our very best to earn that trust, and we will continue to prove to you that we have the games, the entertainment, the value, and the innovation to give you the very best place to play.”

So what say you, gamer? Do the good PlayStation 4 announcements outweigh the bad? Or, are you just happy to be part of the Glorious PC Master Race and not have to deal with any of this?