Sony Unveils PlayStation Vita “Never Stop Playing” Ad


Sony took the first wraps off their $50 million ad campaign for the PlayStation Vita today with the reveal of their “Never Stop Playing” television commercial.

The TV ad, which is just one part of “the biggest advertising campaign in PlayStation’s history”, features several twenty-something gamers and is heavily focused on the online gaming aspects of the new handheld. At one point toward the end, it even flashes the words “3G Gaming” across the screen, which is somewhat confusing because not all models of the Vita have 3G and even the ones that are do not support online gaming over 3G.

If this is the direction that Sony is planning to take the entire Vita ad campaign, I think they are going to run into trouble. The ad doesn’t really highlight the system’s features and I could easily see how someone not already familiar with the system would simply think it is a new PSP ad.

Check out the Vita ad for yourself in the embedded video below, and let us know what you think about it in the comments.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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