Sony Urges PlayStation 4 Owners To Avoid Using Rest Mode Due To Firmware 2.0 Issues


Shortly after the release of PlayStation 4’s latest mandatory patch — technically known as firmware 2.0 — a select number of users began to encounter a system crashing bug when using the console’s Rest Mode.

In theory, the feature has always allowed players to switch their PS4 into a low-power or standby state, allowing it to download any title updates or patches automatically hassle free. But a handful of console owners found that their systems remained frozen in Rest Mode, forcing them to do a hard reset.

It goes without saying that switching the PlayStation 4 off from the hibernation state is a risky move to take, particularly as it can cause files on the hard drive to become corrupt. But now that firmware 2.0 has effectively thrown a spanner in the works, those unfortunate few had no choice to take.

Sony has since acknowledged the issues and released a short statement saying that the company is hard at work to find a fix for the problem.

“We’re aware of issues reported by some PS4 users following the release of PS4’s latest system software update, v 2.00. We’re investigating these issues and will provide an update once we have more information.”

If you do happen to be one of those unfortunate few who has encountered the freezing issue, Sony has recommend that you reboot the system in safe mode and, for the time being, avoid using Rest Mode entirely.

We’ll hopefully have more information to share with you regarding firmware 2.0 for PlayStation 4 in the coming days, but for now, we advise against downloading the latest patch if you haven’t already.